Immune Boosting Spiced London Fog

I’m not a coffee person, never have been, never will.(Okay never say never, my biggest “I’ll never…” when pregnant with Mac was that we’ll never co-sleep. Cough, two babies/toddlers who co-slept later…) It’s just not my kryptonite. Yes, every now and again I’ll have a mocha if there is a bit left in the pot, but only if I’m desperate. Like after camping in a field (in a tent) with good friends. They don’t have kids, and lets just say getting the kids to bed, the baby crying in the night and how the 4 yr old acted the next day? Thats good birth control for y’all. To top it off, we got home and needed to seriously get things done. Thats when I asked Marius to whip me up a pot of coffee. He had a bit of as stunned bunny look, but I needed a serious kick in the pants to get going.

What’s always been my pleasure is Chai. MAN I love some chai. I even posted my chai syrup recipe here. I still enjoy chai, but when I can make myself a tasty spiced drink without having to go about all that mixing, boiling and yada yada yada? I’m in. Enter the Spiced London Fog. (Okay…it’s not the most authentic London Fog, but I had to give it a name and it’s similar…)

Spiced London Fog

I’m in love with essential oils. For a good reason, they’ve allowed us to replace many storebought items with cheaper, healthier, more environmentally friendly alternatives. Some of my favourites that I’ve posted include oinkment, raw chocolate and lotion bars. After a while, my essential oil habit, while beneficial to our family, did cost a bit of money, because, well, quality costs. They’ve easily paid for themselves in lack of sick days for Marius, as well as speedier healing for Hand Foot and Mouth in my brother in law,but I had another option to make them cost little to free. I decided to sign up to be an IPC (Independant Product Consultant) with DoTERRA essential oils because I love them and I get crazy good bonus’ for being an IPC. (Free oils anyone?) I resisted on the blends to start off with because “I can make my own dang blends”. Then I discovered the On Guard blend and fell in love. It’s sweet, a bit spicy and so flavourful.


All these oils are immensely immune boosting as well as having fall and winter written all over them.

*I am not a health care professional, please do your own research before taking essential oils internally*

So now all I do is make a London Fog, add in some honey and On Guard. Success! A tasty drink with little effort. Right up this busy Mama’s alley.

Spiced London Fog

1/2 c boiling water

1 black tea bag

1 c warm milk

1 tbsp raw honey

2-3 drops DoTERRA On Guard Essential oil Blend (find my webpage here.)

Pour boiling water over the tea bag in a mug. Top up with warm milk. Stir in raw honey, and On Guard essential oil blend. Drink and Enjoy!

I would love everyone to discover how Essential Oils can help their family because of how much they’ve helped us. I don’t care which brand you use, as long as it’s a high quality pure one, and if you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to ask me! I chose DoTERRA because I liked their quality as well as their compensation and bonus plan.

8 thoughts on “Immune Boosting Spiced London Fog

    • Yes I ended up signing up to sell them myself to get a better discount! I always thought they were just for aromatic uses but in the past year have discovered how amazing they are for medicinal use. Very cliche to say, but they have been game changing for our family! We love homeopathy and dabble in herbal medicine but essential oils have been a lot more intuitive and user friendly. (For example, when I had mastitis, making a poultice was messy and uncomfortable, but rubbing some oils on my chest was easy and effective)

      • Thank you! And your recipe was DELICIOUS! Even my husband (oil skeptic) loved it. Would you mind if I shared it on my blog, with credit to you and this blog (of course)? Let me know, I’m in love with the recipe and would love to share it with my readers.

      • Absolutely! Another delicious variation is using bergamot oil instead of OG. Early grey is black tea and bergamot, so it’s like a really fragrant TRUE London Fog.

        If you like libations of the sort…my husband fancies lemon EO in rum, honey and hot water as a Hot Toddy before bed 🙂

        ALSO! 2 drops lemon OR wild orange and 1 drop lavender (optional one drop melaleuca) is like neocitron! Stir them into honey, then add hot water. The first sip is a little strong on melaleuca but is fine after that.

        Going to check out your blog right meow!

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