Crunchy Tuesdays: Spontaneous Rash on a Toddler

crunchy tuesday


*I am not a doctor or medical professional, this was just my personal experience.*

Last week my 3 yr old niece, Amy, was over. They hadn’t been here 10 minutes when, while colouring, my sister, Molly, noticed a rash on Amy’s neck. Upon further inspection it went to her shoulder and a bit on her back. We both got panicky right away, Molly more so, because within the last 20-30 minutes Molly had got Amy changed into her current clothes and her neck/shoulder had been clear.

Right away Molly said “What can I give her?” The first thing that came to mind was Aconite.  Aconite is a homeopathic remedies for things that are sudden. Arnica and Aconite are the most reached for around here. Arnica for bruises and injuries, Aconite for any sudden onset symptoms. Since this rash was all of a sudden it was the immediate conclusion I came to. I told Molly to look on my iPhone, because I have the ‘mdo’ app which is a doTERRA app for essential oil uses, while I grabbed and administered Aconite. Less is more with homeopathy. Giving 6 little ‘pills’ at once will do no more than giving 2 pills, then an hour later 2 more, then an hour later 2 more. What I was taught is that 3 doses is what should let you know if its working or not. (And if it’s not, to research another remedy) Severe symptoms/injury/illness, give those doses 5 minutes apart. (Bee sting, car crash). Less severe, space them by an hour or two. This wasn’t horrendously severe so I told Mol to give her more an hour later. It’s also important that you don’t drink or eat anything 15 minutes either side of taking a homeopathic remedy. Breastmilk is the only neutral substance.

As for essential oils, Molly chose to make a blend, appropriate for children, for allergic reactions. I have these 1 ml sample bottles, so in one of those she mixed up 6 drops lavender, 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops meleluca. You then put just a drop or so on the following spots: back of neck, bottom of feet, earlobes and inside of wrists. These are places where oils are well absorbed.

She then took Amy home to rest and watch cartoons, because rest is important for your body to heal! An hour or so later I talked to Molly and the rash was no longer raised and bumpy as well as starting to fade. Success in my books! What caused this? Not sure, maybe the new clothes she put on had something on them?

I’m so thankful and blessed with the small amount of essential oil, homeopathic and herbal healing knowledge I have. I literally use one of those every day!

Because this girls way more fun when she’s 100%!



Guess what I made!

When I was substituting at a preschool last week, I saw one of the girls wearing one.


And I just knew my Amy Jane was going to love one.

That girl loves her dress-up. Who cares if my niece is only 20 months old. She does it in style! Her favourite is shoes, of course. I’ve bought her cute little very unpractical shoes at the thrift store before, just because they were sparkly and bedazzled.


So when I saw it, I knew I had to make one!

A velvet party dress of course! This isn’t for her to go places in, just dress up around the house in. It’ll be too long most likely, but I made an elastic waist so it’ll be fitted, but stretch with her. My almost 4 year old god daughter played around in it for a while and it was at her knees. So I’m confident that Amy will get a few years of play out of it!


The fabric was $12 a metre, but 50% off is you’re a Fabricland member. I bought 2 metres, and it only took just over half a metre to make! The elastic I already had, so it was free. I’d say this dress cost me $4 to make! Pretty darn frugal!  I adore my new sewing machine! My husband loves that I love sewing too!


I think she’ll love it! I can’t wait until she wears it to town because she won’t let my sister take it off 🙂

Uncle Bear

When Drillerman was gone last, I wrote a little post about him, it made Gingersnap happy.


Wait, was it last time he was gone? Or the time before? The time before maybe? I don’t know, but right now he’s gone again. If you’re reading this Drillerman? Gingersnap says you can come home now, she’ll even shave her legs!


Back to the original topic of course, that being one of my other brother-in-laws. (I have 5 all together!) Uncle Bear and my Sister #2 moved away with my precious Amy Jane a gazillion years ago.


Oh it was only the middle of April? It felt like forever. I really miss Amy. I mean all of them. So Uncle Bear (That’s what Mac calls him), went drilling, just like Drillerman, of course, and Amy Jane really misses him. I mean, I’m sure Sister #2 does, I know she does.


But it hurts a lot more when this gal does.

How sweet is she?!


So in lieu of whining more about Uncle Bear being gone, and Amy Jane missing him so much. I’m going to share a couple pictures of Uncle Bear, along with what is so neat about him! Just like I did with Drillerman.

(Can you TELL I’m aiming for brownie points that will get my babysitting with Sister #2 come to visit next week!?)


A year ago, Cowboy, with the help of Stepdad and Uncle Bear, set up and poured concrete in my Mom’s carport and down below in her porch. Looks 10000X better now of course! These are the only photos I could find of him on my computer!



It’s safe to say he was the Wheelbarrow B*tch here!

Uncle Bear is really hard working.


He likes to eat, and that’s an understatement.


Protein is his friiiiend.


He makes wicked cottage cheese pancakes!


But I’ve never seen him make anything else.


Beside Roobis Tea of course. He drinks that like it’s going out of style baby!


He likes to chill with Amy Jane and watch a movie.


Or doing crazy things like go for runs or push ups or pull ups or WHATEVER.


Oh, and I lied. I found another picture of him on my computer. He was berry picking.





Teach ’em young

My Poppa (Maternal Grandfather) has short term memory loss. He’s always in pain. Doesn’t remember a new person. Doesn’t remember to put on clean clothes. (But my Dad says he never did before anyways!)

But…he is the only one who can tell my three sisters and I apart on the phone, first try

When Cowboy and I told him and my Grandma I was pregnant,(and 16) he got up right away, gave me a big hug, and said, “Well you know we’ll be behind you 100% of the way”.

Isn’t that crazy how a man who has forgotten the social courtesy of only taking one scoop at a potluck,

Can know exactly what to tell his 16-and-pregnant granddaughter?

Poppa’s Dad taught him many things. One, was that a job worth doing, was a job worth doing right the first time. Another, is to teach children how to do things young. Poppa’s Dad may have stretched that a bit, seeing as he was milking a few cows before breakfast on his way to kindergarden, but I think there is something to be said for how much we coddle our children.

Because we have a hobby farm, we are always encouraging families to bring their children to come try their hand at milking, collecting eggs, riding the horse (When we had one).

Mac has been collecting eggs since he could hold an object in his hand. Just ask him “Want to go to Minnies and collect eggs?” He lights up and smiles nodding his head.

Mac has been in the garden since he was days old. From being in the sling helping Daddy pick veggies for a snack, to helping me plant when he could barely crawl. He’s a mean weeder. Emphasis on the mean. (He doesn’t know the difference between plant and weed!) I know this year at 1 1/2, he’ll be starting to get the hand of things. My Grandma said that her oldest daughter was really good at plucking off the tulip heads. Sure she stopped her, but only from picking the heads off, never from being in the garden. That daughter to this day, has a love for gardening. All her daughters do! (5!)

Today I grabbed my 9 month old niece when we were at my Moms house. Cowboy was heading to milk while Mac and I were going to collect eggs. Amy came along because being exposed to these things young is fantastic. And, homegirls always up for a cuddle with her Auntie!

She watched eagerly as I collected eggs out of the nesting boxes and Mac ran around checking the feed and water and chickens. Then, we went up to where Cowboy was milking and I set them both to sit down on a sapling that’s tied between two trees holding up the milking stansion. (Where the cows head goes through when milking, not that our cow ever does, but she’s so patient!). Mac LOVES to watch Daddy milk, and Amy stared the whole time, not fussing once, just amazed at what he’s doing.

(Look at her determination!)

THESE are the things I want to expose my children to. Not violent TV, not junk food, not families never spending time together. I want them to see where there food comes from, to know how to get it from the dirt or animal to their plate. To have a connection to what they’re eating and appreciate God’s blessing of abundance in every meal we have.

You say Why take extra time doing chores or making dinner, when you could do it faster on your own?

You say Why should you take the time to call up a local farmer to see if your children can check out their animals?

You say Why bother growing one pot of tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers or lettuce on your teensy patio-porch-deck?

I say Why Not include your children in real, hands on education that goes back farther than any school district or one room school house.

This is their homegrown education.

This stuff goes back to the farmyard baby. To the homestead with a log house.

That’s where all the fun happens anyways.

Happy Valentines Day!

While trying to find a picture that someone represented Valentines day, or Love, all I found was pictures of teeny  fish we never actually ate,

Four great-grand children laying together


A cute little Squirrel


My Stepdad and I milking, with Poppa holding the kicker rope. We don’t usually have a kicker rope, but she had a sore udder and thought it was a fantastic idea to kick the bucket on a regular basis. The kicker rope gets pulled tight around their abdomen, in front of the udder, right tight in the hip socket. For some reason, this helps. If I were a 200lb 6′ 2″ man (Cowboy anyone?) I could milk with my shoulder in the same place, or put a fist there, and it would do the same. But alas, I am nowhere near that. And my Stepdad couldn’t fathom the coordination to milk and do that. (See how wide her back legs are? That is a fantastic stance for milking, because it allows access to the back teat which is the smallest and hardest to milk. Hello hand cramps!)


This ca-yute picture of Mac!



And Mac, driving the tractor. (Don’t worry, Grandpa is tucked down in there out of sight)



Happy Valentines Day,


Don’t think of it as a day to buy candies and spend money on gifts or cards. Bake some cookies to decorate, make a homemade card! Much more heartfelt and easier on the wallet. I treasure every homemade card I’ve ever been given.



8 Random Photos of the Past

A picture says 1,000 words, so let me give you 8,000 words! There is no chronological order to these, by the way.

1) When Mac was 8 days old, he was asked to be in a professional photo shoot for a friends company. Of course we said yes, and we packed up diaper bags, blankets and baby to head out. While we have many many cute photos from that day, this is the one where he had his first blow out diaper and the blanket he’s on, thus it became ours!

2) Here is the first time Mac was in a cloth diaper! He was 4 days old and I thought he looked adorable. We usually put covers on, but this picture is just the dipe.

3) Here are the cupcakes my sister and cousin made for my baby shower!

4) This is Elton Mac

5) Mac’s first time going to church at 4 days old!

6) My first mule deer. It blows any deer Cowboy has EVER gotten out of the water. Hah.

7) This is an ultrasound of my now 8 month old niece, when she was maybe 10 weeks along!

8 ) I’m mean aren’t I, to show you this photo? I got a call one day from Cowboy.

Cowboy: “Sooo…I just got out of the hospital…”

Me: “WHAT?!”

C: “I cut my hand at work and I needed stitches”


C: “Because you would have freaked out like you are now and driven to the hospital and had to wait here with Mac for hours with me”

Me: “Oh”

C: “See you at the end of the day”

Me: “Love you too”