I (heart) lists.

Crazy mad love them. I make them for everything.

I’ve found that with Mommy brain, if it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done. What do I have right now for lists?

Wednesday List

-Put away dishes

-wash dishes

-organize Mac’s bookshelf

-organize my bookshelf

-hang up wet fleece laundry

-put a load of rags on

-smoothie for lunch

-sweep living room

-make mashed potatoes

-make shepards pie

See how I put things like eat lunch on there? Yes it’s a no brainer, but I’ll also get going on something and forget to until later! Having it written down makes me do it sooner. I also add things during the day. Today is a really light list as I’m out for half of the day helping our friends, J+A with a couple farm chores.

To do in Town List

-Mail cheque to Jamie

-Bring blue Kiddie Pool to A.

-J+A’s @ 12.

-Foxglove (Farm and Garden Store) January King Cabbage, Perpetual Spinach and insoles for boots

-Empty wine bottles to Mom’s

-Grab diaper bucket and bottle liners from Moms

The last list I’m going to share with you? The one that makes the week easier? My loosely followed meal plan.

April 25- May 1 Meal plan

Monday 25


Dinner- French Toast w/ whipping cream and blackberry sauce

Thaw chili for tomorrow

Tuesday 26

Lunch- Smoothie

Dinner- Chili

Wednesday 27

Lunch- smoothie

Dinner- Sheperds Pie (Make extra mashed potatoes for Friday

Thursday 28

Lunch- smoothie (Why all the smoothies? I made a batch of yogurt that’s a little botched because I don’t like the texture but works great in smoothies, must use up 4 quarts of it!)

Dinner- Out at ECEBC dinner.

Friday 29

Lunch- smoothie (also, I have tons of frozen fruit from last summer)

Dinner- Salmon with mashed potato pancakes

Saturday 30

Lunch- Chicken Soup

Dinner- Pizza

Sunday 1

Lunch- Chicken Soup

Dinner- Mom’s for Fire/Meat Roast.

I also have a list of things I need to make ahead and freeze for Cowboy to bring to school with him next week for dinners and snacks. It’s his last week! Yahoo!

Batch Cooking/Baking

Pizzax3 (use up fresh mozza, feta and spinach)

Clam chowder (bring some to Poppa and Stepdad) (None of the woman in my family like clam chowder, only Cowboy, Stepdad and my Mom’s Dad, Poppa!)


Chicken Soup (Chicken Carcass in freezer)

Egg Noodles (Want to try making a bunch and drying them)

At the beginning of the week I leave a few blank, because things come up, like just today my Mom brought up the fire/meat roast, so I just penciled it in. I also managed to get the pizzas made last night, so we’ll have one on Saturday for dinner.

So spill…do you make lists? What’s on your lists? Do you meal plan? I do it more because all of our meat is in the freezer that I need to plan ahead to what we’re eating. When I don’t manage to do that and I realize that it’s pretty much dinner time? That’s what we have tons of venison sausage for! Turn on the oven, unwrap sausages, pry them apart with a butter knife and they’re done in 35-40 minutes. Dinner! Well, plus veg and starch/carb.


Homemade Convenience- I love a good dip.

**Update July 2013…this post is badly in need of some new photos and it’s on my to do list! Bear with me if you’re reading it before then**

I’d say it’s almost a bad thing. I’ll eat it with my finger!

Whoops. Did it again.

And I decided it isn’t a bad thing. Especially when you make it yourself!

Yogurt, herbs, garlic, dried onion…perfection.

And Home made Dilly Dip was born 🙂

Truthfully, I originally made it to cover up the ucky taste of salmon the other night. Then I used the leftovers to dip carrots in.

And I was hooked! You could add some mayo for a thicker dip as well. Or strain the yogurt so that it’s thicker.

Do you ever use that trick? Straining yogurt in a colander or strainer lined with cheesecloth or a paper towel for a couple hours to overnight makes your yogurt thick and tasty for tzatziki, frozen yogurt, dips or ummm, eating.

Ready for some healthy additive free dippin’?

I am!

Oh, and here is how we had it with salmon


Unless you’re into that kinda thing like Cowboy. Then you’ll think it’s “sooo delish you should make this more often daaahrlink.”

Okay so he’d never say that. He’s just say “This is good. Eat your fish.” Hah. Men.

p.s. Like our plates? We have blue ones too! And a matching set of beautiful red and cream that’s not so great and some of the plates break when you put hot food on them. Isn’t it great to be young and have everything hand me downs or thrift store found. Yes!

Yogurt Dill Dip/Sauce

3/4 c plain yogurt

2 tsp dried dill

2 tsp dried minced onions

1 clove garlic, minced

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp salt

Mix all together and let sit atleast 30 min to let flavour combine.

Deer Fever.

Also affectionately known as ‘Buck Fever’.

You know you’re starting to get it bad when it’s still 5 months away and you’re itching from the heat of it.

Sofya, over at The Girls’ Guide to Guns and Butter, was talking about hunting yesterday. It ticked the fever to a whole other level.

(Shot at my Mom’s house just before dark. Didn’t get pictures until after dark though! Had to milk with headlamps that night…2008)

I haven’t been able to hunt much in the last couple years. Raising a baby does that to you apparently. I was raised in a pro-hunting family. My Dad would be watching in our field during dinner for deer.

I vividly remember my Grandma and Poppa being over for dinner, us all at the dinner table, when either my Poppa or Dad spotted a deer at the end of the field. My Dad jumped in the truck and drove part of the way, then snuck up the rest of the way. Once we heard the shot, we jumped in my grandparents car to go see what he gotten! Other times Mom would tell us to go wait in the tractor. Dad would shoot the deer, slit it’s throat, then walk back to the house. We’d be waiting in the tractor bucket and Dad would let us ride out to get it with him.

More than just deer were shot. Geese, grouse and ducks graced our table. My Dad said we would eat a mallard drake over most things. Apparently I ate 18 oz of moose at a young age as well. Yum. It was normal for ducks to be hanging on our porch, and in kindergarden I brought grouse feet in for show and tell. That didn’t go over well with the other kids. Duck hunting trips were the best with Dad. Sunny D and Donuts sitting by a duck pond. All right!

It helped that my Mom knew how to cook it so well too. This is her recipe by the way.

Both of my parents were raised in the same way. My Mom’s parents more than the others. They were in their mid-twenties with 5 little mouths to feed, deer were in abundance. Always had been. My Poppa had an amazing shot, able to skillfully kill a deer without modern things such as scopes. Eating Venison made sense.

And the price was right. What’s to argue about that? It costs you a bullet (Maybe $1?) and a package of butcher paper. ($7). The deer here are smaller, getting maybe 60lbs off of a carcass. I’d say $8 for 60 lbs of meat is a darn good price. Of course there are hours of labour that go into it as well. I love butchering though. It’s so gratifying.

Cowboy too, was raised in a hunting family. His Dad is majorly into it, and his Dad’s Dad is a fanatic. Meticulously perfectly fanatic about hunting. Cowboy’s paternal grandmother butchers moose on the kitchen table. “Oh I just bring it in a quarter at a time” she says. Love it.

I eagerly await this fall, hoping to bag a couple deer. Hunting grounds are rapidly shrinking on our island, but we make the most of it. We expanded our weaponry to a cross-bow. I can’t cock it, but that’s okay. I just have to be able to pull the trigger for now, right? I’m working on it though, it’s just ridiculously hard.

I was always into hunting, but now being engaged to someone who has two seasons in his life “Deer Season” and “Not Deer Season”, it makes me appreciate it more and yearn for the opportunity.

A mule deer like this only comes around once in a lifetime…

The backstraps alone from this deer fed 16 hungry people. My husband scored it at 186 in the Boone and Crockett books guide. I don’t usually ‘score’ a rack, but since it was so nice, we had to try our hand at it. My husband quite enjoys scoring his racks for fun.

Happy Deer Season Dreaming!

Late Night Craving

I am an early to bed sort of person. So when at 8:30 I announced that I wanted granola and I was making it right now! Cowboy was a little surprised. Asked if I should be just going to bed. I told him to shove it, cause I wanted me some granola! Actually, I just said that it would be out of the oven by nine and I could still be an old woman and go to bed early. 🙂

By the way… It’s my birthday on the 13th! Any guesses for how old I’ll be turning? If you actually know, don’t ruin and give it away please! You’ll never get it right otherwise…

Here is my granola recipe!

Stir together all the dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl. In a small bowl, mix together wet! Stir the two together…

Spread onto a baking sheet,

and bake for 15 minutes, stir around, and bake for another 15 more!

It’ll be lovely golden when it’s done.

I promise, this is Mac approved!

And will be so good with your yogurt of milk!

Maple Coconut Granola

3 c quick oats

1 c bran (Not the cereal, but the raw baking stuff)

1 c unsweetened coconut

1 c raw sunflower seeds

1 c walnuts, chopped

1 c pitted dated, chopped

1/2 c oil

1/2 c water

1/2 c maple syrup

1 tbsp vanilla

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix dry together. Mix wet in another bowl. Stir together and spread on a baking sheet. Bake at 250F for 15 minutes, stir around, and bake another 15 min. Eat as a snack, or for breakfast with yogurt or milk!

Bless his Heart.

I’ve been on the couch with a sick toddler since Monday afternoon. A couple mornings my Mom has taken over couch duty so I can go to my practicum, but other than that, I’ve been getting a lot of reading and a little meal cooking done.


Thursday night I had a teleconference at 7. 6:40 and there was still no dinner to be thought or started. Cowboy took Mac to a friends place so that I could do my schoolwork in peace, but he turned up at the end of the teleconference, with a box in hand.


A pizza box! We never have take out pizza, so it was a big surprise.

I know Cowboy was thinking of me and my needs when he bought this, because this is how his favourite pizza would go…


Lots of pepperoni

Lots of ground beef

Lots of cheese

Lots of tomato sauce

Absolutely no onions


All on a THICK crust.


You know what he came back with?



BBQ Sauce



Just a bit of cheese


All on a thin thin crust.



I love this guy!!




Every now and again you have to get things off your back, tell someone to unburden yourself.

So here goes nothing…


#1 My kitchen is such a mess, I just did the dishes last night? How did it get like that so fast? Oh, and I have no plans to do them tonight.


#2 When I put Mac to sleep, I leave a lamp on and read a book. Sometimes it can take 45 minutes of laying down with him. So if for some reason it only takes 20 min…I just keep on reading! And then if Cowboy comes to take a peek on us, I say he just fell asleep and I’m giving it another minute before getting up 🙂


#3 Tonight I complained about how full I was from dinner. (I’ll post the recipe soon. Think Black Pepper. Sausage. Rice. Amazing!) Then I promptly whipped cream to go with cake from the other night. And a bit of blackberry sauce…And ate a whole whack of it.


#4 I washed a load of wool socks a few days ago and forgot about them. Then I rewashed them with great intentions of hanging them up before they got smelly again. Well guess what I forgot about again…


#5 Thats not the first time I’ve done that. I once forgot about a load of towels 3 times before finally hanging them up right away!


Speaking of sidetracked…We were heading to milk a few years ago when we saw this deer. It was just before dark and I said “Let’s get ‘er!” Cowboy said, “I can’t use my rifle, that’s illegal here” (Only shotguns and bows on our island. He had just moved to the island) I said “You have a shotgun inside! I’ll get a slug!”

We ended up having to milk in the dark with headlamps. So worth it! He tasted so good.

#6 The other morning I was super tired because Mac hadn’t slept well. He went straight to the kitchen and pointed at the container of these cookies. I weighed my options…Make him a breakfast that will take time and have to sit and feed it to him…or let him have a cookie and go lay on the couch for half an hour of peace and quiet while he enjoys his cookie. You know which one I chose. That half an hour was so amazing.

#7 The other morning Cowboy was working just two minutes away from home and he knew the other guys would be late because it was far for them to go to work (He usually leaves at 7:20) so he stayed home until I left at 8:10 and helped me get Mac ready for the day. When he was getting dressed, Mac was in the bedroom and I heard him say “Oh, where did you get that from?” Turns out, the other morning, he didn’t finish his cookie, he hid it in the bedroom, and re-found it again. Oh dear.

He enjoyed it.


Wow! That felt great to get it off my back. Do you have any lighthearted confessions to make today? Share ’em, I’d love to hear it!


Why yes, that is cider and beer bottle chugging at my baby shower! We put lamb nipples (For when you have orphan lambs) straight on the bottles. Who wants to chug milk or juice from a baby bottle when you could do this? My aunt on the right won.

Crabby Wabby Dippy Wippy

You know how some people talk to their dog, cat or even child like everything is a widdle bitty whyme with mispronunciations? Drives me nuts. And Cowboy. Of course then I can’t help but say things like “Macky wacky would you like a biddy bottle before your nippy nappy?”

Just. to. drive. him. nuts. 🙂

We put the fun back into disfunctional.

We live on the ocean and like local food, so Cowboy catches crabs off the dock. I don’t like crabs, so we have a few pounds of crab meat in the freezer we’re now trying to use up before it gets freezer burnt. Friends of ours were coming over and I knew they love crab, so I made a crab dip. I wanted to make crab and cheese and spinach in phyllo pastry, but she’s gluten free, so this dip was just the ticket.

I started with a widdle bit of dis and a widdle bit of dat and came up wit a wonderful dippy wippy.

Sorry about that. I can’t help myself at the hope that Cowboy might be reading this!

Then I baked it and it was wonderfully bubbly. You see, if I just dip my cracker in and try not to get chunks of crab, it’s amazing!

I know I am an ungrateful wench for having access to all this seafood and not wanting to eat a bite of it!

Dilly Willy Crab Dip

3/4 c sour cream

3/4 c mayo

3/4 shredded cheddar, plus extra for garnish

4 cloves garlic, minced

3/4 tsp salt

1 tsp dried dill

1 tbsp dijon mustard (I seem to be on a mustard kick lately?)

1/2 tsp sesame oil

3/4 c crab, chopped

Mix all together and pour into a 9″ oven safe pan. Top with cheese and bake at 450F for 10-15 minutes until bubbling. Eat with tortilla chips!