Farm Fresh Friday- CSA week 17

I’m wanting to start weekly features here for a couple reasons. One of them being I need a bit of accountability as well as wanting to have a direction the blog is going. I like sharing what’s in my CSA box, as well as I’d like to share more about our livestock! So hopefully every Friday I’ll have a little something here to share! I look forward to ‘seeing’ you around!

farm fresh friday

This week, I failed at CSA pictures. I mean, I took them, but they were bad. And I’m sorry, but you’re still going to see them so you can see what I got. But I apologize anyways.

Left to right: Braising greens, Kale, Fennel, Carrots (There was more…I just umm….ate a bunch) and celery! This picture obviously goes up a lot higher and the celery is this big beautiful one! Such a treat!


Left to right: Romas, Peppers, Top right is Blue Ballet Squash and bottom right is a melon.


The Plan?

-Peppers, Melon and Carrots for snacks.

-Kale went into mashed potatoes

-Romas? Well last week I was complaining about tomatoes and now its the last week and I’m going ack! No more tomatoes for the whole winter?! They’ve been going in salads and sandwiches.

-Fennel and celery will go in a soup with potatoes (I’m thinking with a wee bit of bacon…)

There will still be some celery left and we’ll snack on it 🙂

-Blue Ballet will make a delicious soup!

-Braising Greens will be a quick frittata dinner one night. That will use half of them, and the other half…well…I’m not sure at this point!


In other news, our cow, Wilderness, is due to calve on the 9th! We’re eagerly awaiting and I can’t wait to share her new calf! I also await having gallons and gallons of milk to make more cheese! We haven’t had much cheese lately as I try to avoid buying it and I’m missing my pizzas!

So what farm fresh produce did you snag this week?




Grocery shop!

I was as good as a hot damn this week grocery shopping! I was in early, under budget! If you remember, I’ve challenged myself for Janurary to spend half my grocery budget a week.  So that means that instead of $140, I just have $70. This seems high, but we have higher grocery prices on my island, and we also aren’t happy eating the cheapest, quickest food. We want quality, healthy, local and organic if possible food!

I only spent $50 last week, so I had $90 for this week. I spent $41.35 at Country Grocer

The celery and cashews were half of this! And I don’t even buy organic nuts! (CAN’T afford to!!)

Cashews and cornnuts for Cowboy’s trailmix. He doesn’t really take a lunch break, as he prefers to come home 1/2 an hour earlier, than take two 15 min and one 30 min break. So they just make a quick stop, and he wants something he can eat fast, often on the go (if he has to go pick up supplies at the lumber store) and of course they need to be healthy! (So just ignore the crispy minis, k?)

Organic celery for Poppa’s snacking (I’m the primary caregiver to my maternal grandfather, Poppa, who has shortterm memory loss, and therefore weight issues, this is a primo snack for him!)

Bananas to chop and freeze for smoothies.

Green onions and yeast…because we needed them! (Cowboy won’t eat regular onions)

As well as navy beans, kidney beans, pearl barley and pinto beans for Ezekiel Flour. I’ve never made it, but I’ve already got the wheat, spelt and millet, which are the more expensive parts of this. I have a feeling this will be just what I need for baking things like Mom’s Bran Muffins and Nint’s Smores (Which actually have no marshmallows or graham crackers, but are a super easy tasty family recipe cookie!)

And just ignore the crispy mini’s, it was an onsale super cheap impulse buy. DARN.


I’ve got to go to the other grocery store tomorrow, because there is a few things on sale that I want from there, such as organic oranges and broccoli ($1.69 a lb instead of $4!), Local pears, sakata rice crackers and tortillas. I estimate this will be about $25, and with maybe $10 spent at a farm stand later in the week, I’ll still be under budget AGAIN, and have $15 to roll over to next week. I guess I should have made it lower and challenged myself more?!


I (heart) lists.

Crazy mad love them. I make them for everything.

I’ve found that with Mommy brain, if it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done. What do I have right now for lists?

Wednesday List

-Put away dishes

-wash dishes

-organize Mac’s bookshelf

-organize my bookshelf

-hang up wet fleece laundry

-put a load of rags on

-smoothie for lunch

-sweep living room

-make mashed potatoes

-make shepards pie

See how I put things like eat lunch on there? Yes it’s a no brainer, but I’ll also get going on something and forget to until later! Having it written down makes me do it sooner. I also add things during the day. Today is a really light list as I’m out for half of the day helping our friends, J+A with a couple farm chores.

To do in Town List

-Mail cheque to Jamie

-Bring blue Kiddie Pool to A.

-J+A’s @ 12.

-Foxglove (Farm and Garden Store) January King Cabbage, Perpetual Spinach and insoles for boots

-Empty wine bottles to Mom’s

-Grab diaper bucket and bottle liners from Moms

The last list I’m going to share with you? The one that makes the week easier? My loosely followed meal plan.

April 25- May 1 Meal plan

Monday 25


Dinner- French Toast w/ whipping cream and blackberry sauce

Thaw chili for tomorrow

Tuesday 26

Lunch- Smoothie

Dinner- Chili

Wednesday 27

Lunch- smoothie

Dinner- Sheperds Pie (Make extra mashed potatoes for Friday

Thursday 28

Lunch- smoothie (Why all the smoothies? I made a batch of yogurt that’s a little botched because I don’t like the texture but works great in smoothies, must use up 4 quarts of it!)

Dinner- Out at ECEBC dinner.

Friday 29

Lunch- smoothie (also, I have tons of frozen fruit from last summer)

Dinner- Salmon with mashed potato pancakes

Saturday 30

Lunch- Chicken Soup

Dinner- Pizza

Sunday 1

Lunch- Chicken Soup

Dinner- Mom’s for Fire/Meat Roast.

I also have a list of things I need to make ahead and freeze for Cowboy to bring to school with him next week for dinners and snacks. It’s his last week! Yahoo!

Batch Cooking/Baking

Pizzax3 (use up fresh mozza, feta and spinach)

Clam chowder (bring some to Poppa and Stepdad) (None of the woman in my family like clam chowder, only Cowboy, Stepdad and my Mom’s Dad, Poppa!)


Chicken Soup (Chicken Carcass in freezer)

Egg Noodles (Want to try making a bunch and drying them)

At the beginning of the week I leave a few blank, because things come up, like just today my Mom brought up the fire/meat roast, so I just penciled it in. I also managed to get the pizzas made last night, so we’ll have one on Saturday for dinner.

So spill…do you make lists? What’s on your lists? Do you meal plan? I do it more because all of our meat is in the freezer that I need to plan ahead to what we’re eating. When I don’t manage to do that and I realize that it’s pretty much dinner time? That’s what we have tons of venison sausage for! Turn on the oven, unwrap sausages, pry them apart with a butter knife and they’re done in 35-40 minutes. Dinner! Well, plus veg and starch/carb.

Filleting a Tuna

We were gifted a whole tuna last summer. A beautiful beautiful tuna! It took months before we got around to dealing with it (beyond wrapping it whole and putting it in the freezer) and here’s a little tutorial of what we did!

Tuna are born with a built in diagram of how to fillet them, too neat eh!

It’s important to get the skin off right away, and the whole process is easier if the fish is still a little frozen.

Start by cutting along the back, then the belly line, and then by the neck.

See where he cut on the neck? There is a line where you’re supposed to cut on the neck too! Stabbing your knife into the head helps for better grib in the slippery slippery bathtub. (All people fillet tuna in the bathtub, right?) Pulling the skin takes a bit of muscle, but thats why we keep Cowboy around. That and I love him so darn much!

Be sure to have a trusty good helper there for moral support, of course.

You then cut down the middle of the belly, again, there is a line! Then slice them out and really I don’t remember the rest of what he did, he’s the fish cutter, not me!

With any luck, you might end up with fillets like these! This was the first time we had done a tuna, we being used very, very loosely. He trimmed them up more before they went in the smoker, making them look prettier.

We then smoked it in our Little Chief smoker. We love this baby for smoking fish! You can do two regular sized cookie sheets full in it. We do tuna, salmon and trout. Unfortunately, because we’ve done so much fish in it, when I try to do jerky, it ends up smelling like fish, no matter how much I scrub it! Cowboy thought that this smoked tuna was God’s gift to him and practically drools at the thought of taking a chunk out of the freezer to eat!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I don’t even like eating fish!

How we eat.

Something that boggles peoples mind is how we eat and grocery shop. To me, it’s natural, but it’s how we’ve trained ourselves to be! I believe every family should have a few rules they stick to when eating. Here are ours:

-Only eat produce from our province, BC, or Organic if from elsewhere.

-Meat must be local or organic.

-Sweets and baking are homemade.

We are so blessed to have the land to raise our own animals, for that, I am so thankful! We hunt, fish and farm to our fullest extent including: Our own milking cow, cows, pigs and chickens for butcher and chickens for eggs. Farm fresh is way tastier!

This is one of our Sows before she was pregnant. We raised sows, had piglets and raised them to butcher this year, but most likely will only raise piglets to butcher for a long time. Sows are a lot of work!

Cowboy loves to fish,

and I adore canning! This is my Mom’s cool room, which I contribute much to. Where we live, our canning is in boxes in a closet and I have a small cupboard in the kitchen that I keep a few of everything in.

This makes for a full pantry and freezer that we can call upon when needed. I can’t imagine any other way, but it’s not the reality for everyone, and even many who wish they could.

I’m going to start sharing what we eat during the week, not a meal plan, but what we actually ended up eating! This won’t be for a few days, since I just started writing down.

Questions: Do you meal plan? Do you like to keep a full pantry and freezer for quick meals?