Farm Fresh Friday- CSA week 17

I’m wanting to start weekly features here for a couple reasons. One of them being I need a bit of accountability as well as wanting to have a direction the blog is going. I like sharing what’s in my CSA box, as well as I’d like to share more about our livestock! So hopefully every Friday I’ll have a little something here to share! I look forward to ‘seeing’ you around!

farm fresh friday

This week, I failed at CSA pictures. I mean, I took them, but they were bad. And I’m sorry, but you’re still going to see them so you can see what I got. But I apologize anyways.

Left to right: Braising greens, Kale, Fennel, Carrots (There was more…I just umm….ate a bunch) and celery! This picture obviously goes up a lot higher and the celery is this big beautiful one! Such a treat!


Left to right: Romas, Peppers, Top right is Blue Ballet Squash and bottom right is a melon.


The Plan?

-Peppers, Melon and Carrots for snacks.

-Kale went into mashed potatoes

-Romas? Well last week I was complaining about tomatoes and now its the last week and I’m going ack! No more tomatoes for the whole winter?! They’ve been going in salads and sandwiches.

-Fennel and celery will go in a soup with potatoes (I’m thinking with a wee bit of bacon…)

There will still be some celery left and we’ll snack on it 🙂

-Blue Ballet will make a delicious soup!

-Braising Greens will be a quick frittata dinner one night. That will use half of them, and the other half…well…I’m not sure at this point!


In other news, our cow, Wilderness, is due to calve on the 9th! We’re eagerly awaiting and I can’t wait to share her new calf! I also await having gallons and gallons of milk to make more cheese! We haven’t had much cheese lately as I try to avoid buying it and I’m missing my pizzas!

So what farm fresh produce did you snag this week?




CSA Week 16!

You’re getting these bad boys straight out of camera kids are napping from drive home! I love going to pick up my CSA box from Bullock Lake Farm. It’s a great atmosphere and it’s exciting to see what we’re getting next!

I brought them home in a crate. Cause Im cool like that. Actually, I was at my Moms and this was my crate and I had no reusable grocery bag in my car. Top left clockwise: What is it and what will I do with it:

Tomatoes: Honestly? I don’t like fresh tomatoes. I struggle with what to do with them. Other than salsa and on baguette. I just don’t like them plain. Some will go in sandwiches and I’ll wing it with the rest.

Yellow Zuchinni: I’m thinking a frittata or raw as snacks. Or? Possibilities endless!

Potaotes: Roasted potato salad! Yes!

Sweet long red peppers: Marius will be excited and grab these up for his lunch.

Cherry Tomatoes: Marius will also down most of these tonight and the rest in lunches!

IMG_6253 IMG_6254

I took the bags of greens off the top and snapped a picture. After they got onto the computer I realized the basil on the left was blurry. Oh well!

Basil: Into roasted potato salad, mixed in with the salad greens.

Arugula (bottom right): It will go in sandwiches! Best ever! Stecca will be the bread for sure.

Salad greens: Will be a green salad. That was almost a palendrome.

So tell me! Do you get a CSA box? If so did you get any similar things this week? What did you get? Or did you score some veg/fruit at a farm stand/farmers market! Spill all!


Whats in your CSA box?!

So it’s week 15 on our Bullock Lake Farm  CSA box, and for the last 14 weeks I’ve been meaning to take a picture and show you what we got. What? I never said I wasn’t a procrastinator.

I FINALLY did it this week!



We pay what works out to $25 a week for 20 weeks and I feel its very worth it for our produce prices in our area.

So here’s what I got and what I plan to do with it. From top left clockwise;

1) Kale- Kale Chips! Mac goes crazy for kale chips with nutritional yeast so I make them ‘special just for you!’ and he eats them up in a day.

2) Arugula- Either salad or in a sandwich. The pepperyness of it is wicked good in a sandwich.

3) White Chantarelles! I’ve got a plan to make a bunch of spring rolls and freeze for deep frying and I’ll pop those in there. We’re chantarelle hunters as it is so Marius’ has had loads in omlettes, fried, etc.

4) Cherry Tomatoes- Half got eaten with dinner last night and the other half went with Marius in his lunch for coffee break.

5) Big Tomatoes- Sandwiches, fresh salsa, and who knows where else these will end up!

6) Butternut Squash – When I saw it I KNEW I was going to make butternut squash risotto. Something like this one from Rachel Ray that I had at a friends house. I will use a vegetable peeler to take off the skin then grate it to add in.

7) Some other orange flesh squash? Do you know what it’s called? I like orange flesh squash in chili so that may happen, or it will just get stored because, well, it’s a winter squash that stores well!

8) Sweet peppers, bell and long- Snackin’! We ate most of the red ones with hummus last night, and Marius took the remainder in his lunch.


This was a pretty easy week as far as figuring out what to do. Sometimes I’m stumped! Do you get a CSA box? What did you get this week? Want me to share what I get next week?

Grocery shop!

I was as good as a hot damn this week grocery shopping! I was in early, under budget! If you remember, I’ve challenged myself for Janurary to spend half my grocery budget a week.  So that means that instead of $140, I just have $70. This seems high, but we have higher grocery prices on my island, and we also aren’t happy eating the cheapest, quickest food. We want quality, healthy, local and organic if possible food!

I only spent $50 last week, so I had $90 for this week. I spent $41.35 at Country Grocer

The celery and cashews were half of this! And I don’t even buy organic nuts! (CAN’T afford to!!)

Cashews and cornnuts for Cowboy’s trailmix. He doesn’t really take a lunch break, as he prefers to come home 1/2 an hour earlier, than take two 15 min and one 30 min break. So they just make a quick stop, and he wants something he can eat fast, often on the go (if he has to go pick up supplies at the lumber store) and of course they need to be healthy! (So just ignore the crispy minis, k?)

Organic celery for Poppa’s snacking (I’m the primary caregiver to my maternal grandfather, Poppa, who has shortterm memory loss, and therefore weight issues, this is a primo snack for him!)

Bananas to chop and freeze for smoothies.

Green onions and yeast…because we needed them! (Cowboy won’t eat regular onions)

As well as navy beans, kidney beans, pearl barley and pinto beans for Ezekiel Flour. I’ve never made it, but I’ve already got the wheat, spelt and millet, which are the more expensive parts of this. I have a feeling this will be just what I need for baking things like Mom’s Bran Muffins and Nint’s Smores (Which actually have no marshmallows or graham crackers, but are a super easy tasty family recipe cookie!)

And just ignore the crispy mini’s, it was an onsale super cheap impulse buy. DARN.


I’ve got to go to the other grocery store tomorrow, because there is a few things on sale that I want from there, such as organic oranges and broccoli ($1.69 a lb instead of $4!), Local pears, sakata rice crackers and tortillas. I estimate this will be about $25, and with maybe $10 spent at a farm stand later in the week, I’ll still be under budget AGAIN, and have $15 to roll over to next week. I guess I should have made it lower and challenged myself more?!


My Thursday “Shopping Spree”

Today I went and did my weekly grocery shopping, and went to the thrift store. To say I was excited to go would be an understatement. The thrift store was closed for two weeks and I couldn’t go for a week before that. I’d been dyyyyiiiing to do some crafty projects that I needed supplies for! We don’t really have a craft store here, so you make do with what you can find at the thrift store until you go off island.

Here is a small anecdote to let you know just how much I wanted to go to the thrift store today:

Cowboy calls on his lunch break everyday. We talk for 1-2 minutes about our morning, what I’m doing in the afternoon, who’s milking the cow and whether he should meet me at home, or at my moms, if he’s going to yoga that night, etc. He called today and after saying hello, the first words out of his mouth were: “So how was the thrift store this morning” “SO GREAT” was my answer! 🙂

First of all, I had some farm stand finds

Purple and Green Brussel Sprouts from Northend Farm. I was hoping to find some broccoli, darn!

Carrots, potatoes, kale and parsnips from Bonacres. I spent a total of $12.50

Here is a bonus kale picture

He helped me, of course!

Then I went to the grocery store where I spent $37.34

There wasn’t any too spectcular sales, and I wanted to buy a minimum of things. Then I got there and organic 8 oz bags of cranberries were on for $.99 each, normally $4.98!

So I bought 7. Along with grapeseed oil, celery, parsley, green onions and butter. Also I bought a 12 case of soda water which isn’t in the picture. That’s my treat, which I drink with fresh lemon, or homemade fruit cordial.

The GASP moment of the day yesterday was when Cowboy asked when I was going to the grocery store.

I said tomorrow

He said great, you can get some chocolate milk mix

I said ummm, actually we’re cutting the grocery budget this month and not buying anything frivolous, which that would fall under.

He said ok

In my head I was like WHHHHAAAT?!??!!? He never goes without chocolate milk mix, I expected him to fight that it was neccessary. He loves to have a glass of chocolate milk when he gets home from work.

I said how about I make some chocolate milk mix

He agreed.

(He’s never agreed the multiple times I”ve offered.)

So I made it, we liked it, and I’ll never buy chocolate milk mix again.


(When I get the proportions right I’ll share, it’s really just cocoa and sugar with milk)

From there I went to the thrift store where I may have spent more than I ever ever have there.

$18.25! I know, so nuts. I bought 3x $2 mens t-shirts to make into more reusable produce bags. Turns out I’m so good at minimizing clutter that we only had 3 unused t-shirts in our house. Whoops! I bought a VHS for Cowboy, cause he said he’d love to watch that one with Mac, and SHAZZAM. There it was at the thrift store. A couple metres of lace trim, a bunch of bags of wool ranging from $1.50-$2.50, knitting needles and another item that isn’t in the picture, because it’s a wedding present for my sister. She said all she wanted for a present was my presence (it’s a long drive and expensive trip). I decided since she was such an avid thriftstore go-er I’d start collecting neat (but useful) things for her, to make a fun, hodgepodge present. She’ll appreciate it, I know!

To top off the day, I checked the mail and what was there but the books I’d ordered! So exciting!

I NEVER buy new books, they all come from the recycling depot free store or the thrift store. Or my Mom. Recently I’ve had two really heavy emotional trials. The first time, I bought The Commonsense Kitchen and 5 spices, 50 dishes. It was my retail therapy, which has been well adored and used.

When it happened again, which we never thought it would, I decided I deserved another two books, and promptly ordered these two! The Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.

I can’t WAIT to get my to-do list done so I get start reading!!!