He’s on the move!

The little rascal…We’re sure running now!











See ya later suckers!




Whats up on Instagram?

I know some of you follow me on instagram (@venisonfordinner) but for those who don’t have instagram, or don’t follow me (yet! I’d love for you to follow and introduce yourself) here’s some happenings.


We went on a vacay for my youngest brother-in-law’s high school grad. He wore a camo tuxedo. He rocked it. And I made him and my other brother in law Big Dutch Babies. I should really take real photos of those and post the recipe cause they’ll blow your mind baby!



I thought I was going to luck out and Hamish sleep the whole time I milked…I bet on my odds…


Aaaand I lost. He woke up, but was happy (!) while I finished milking. My Mom got home (our cows live at her house) as I was starting to strain the milk so she took the boys to help her. Whew! Love that Mama of mine!


I impulse made brownie pudding at about 7 pm on our anniversary. (We didn’t really have anything else planned, which was perfect.) We ate it outside in adirondack chairs watching the sunset. Couldn’t ask for a better evening! Anyway…thats a side note to the part where I ate it for lunch the other day and didn’t feel guilty at all.


Sooo…I’m really bad about filling up on fuel in my car. The E light had gone on…buuut I wasn’t going to town so I didn’t worry about it. I get 50+km’s once the light goes on. I had the truck the next day and Marius was all MAKE SURE YOU GET GAS. You REALLY REALLY need gas. I start up the truck and there is still 1/4 tank. I filled up only cause I’m a good little wife who listens (NAWT) but had a laugh about our juxtapositioned gas filling up philosophies.


I’m slooowly learning to be a cleaner cook/housewife/baker! I took my Nutrimill and grains outside to mill. I made quinoa, chickpea, spelt, buckwheat and local hard red flour for myself, some of those for my Mom, and my sister came down and ground some wheat.


I just about lost my sanity the other day…but went to the library with the kids instead. They fell asleep right as we got home. I kicked up my feet, tilted back my seat and read a Jamie Oliver cookbook. Sweet Jesus I was rewarded for not losing my cool.


I made paneer for the first time! Whats your favourite way to use it?


I’ve been going butter making crazy! No filter on this, just straight up yellow jersey goodness. These are 1/2 c balls for easy use. I freeze them.



The Cowboy

So I’ve kept the identity of my Husband kinda secret. I’ve called him Cowboy. Not because he rides horses. In fact, he doesn’t like riding horses, he kind of despises them.

He’s milked a cow for the majority of the past 4 years, so his name comes from the fact that

You smell like a Cow, Boy!

I honestly do call him Cowboy around the house, but I’m sure you’ve all picked up on the fact that it’s not his real name! No sir-ee bob! My Husbands name is Marius, also known as Mare. Like the female horse! Said “Marry-us” not “Marr-ee-us”. In honour of the reveal, I thought I’d share a fun little “Marius through the ages”

I’d guess he was 3 1/2 in this picture with his Dad and Sister. Obviously, his dad has got a moose!

Schat's scanned pictures May 2011 51


He thinks he was about 14 or 15 in this picture. His first buck!


Schat's scanned pictures May 2011 33


Buckley lake, age 18. Schat's scanned pictures May 2011 34


He shot this one at my Moms just before dark and tried to take pictures with our camera, but they weren’t coming out well, so we went to my Moms house and got her fancy camera with a fancy flash. His first buck on Salt Spring!



This was a year ago. Can’t tell you where or I’d give away our favourite Chantarelle spot!




I noticed a theme of dead things and food in these photos…it just happens to be when he’s got his best smile on!


So you’ve caught up on our summer, right?

Well here’s what happened this September! It seemed to be a photo heavy month so it’s got a whole post right to itself.

Hunting season kicked off and Mac was ready to spot them!


I had to rely mostly on iPhone for taking pictures as Cowboy always stole my camera to take pictures of deer while scouting. While they aren’t magazine worthy pictures, I think he’s got some neat light and shadows in some of them!

IMGP3495 IMGP3520 IMGP3516 IMGP3501


My sister Molly got more and more pregnant as we spent more and more time playing with Amy.


Then, one night it happened! (This is Amy eating cheese at 10:30 pm after getting dropped off at our house as Molly was in labour). That girl was high on life and so excited! I wanted to sleep. (I was 31 weeks pregnant.)


The first pictures of Amy as a big sister! She didn’t know it yet though.


Here is June! We are so in love with her.


We celebrated her birth with french fries.


Just four days later…


Oh and we got ducks! A young trio of Silver Appleyards. Isn’t that the neatest name ever?!


All the while my belly got bigger and bigger…


A few photos of Summer.





This summer was a hectic in some and calming in others one. We spent a lot of time in doctors offices because of my pregnancy, but also spent a lot of time just hanging out as we didn’t have any other commitments. My sister was due at the beginning of September, so we had my niece Amy quite a bit.

Here is Mac and then Amy, on the trampoline at their place.



Mac loves his second cousin, McKinley. This is in the summer at the beach, but we went to visit McKinley and her Mom two days before Hamish was born and she was starting to walk! They grow up so fast.



Amy’s Mommy, Molly and her husband, Jered moved Sept 1st, and I provided the ‘crew’ of us with quesadillas. It then sent Cowboy onto a quesadilla streak and he ate them everyday at work for lunch for about 3 weeks.


Cowboy (left) and Jered (Right) sighting in their crossbows for hunting season.



We went camping in my grandparents orchard (the orchard pictured above) as a camping trip farther away wasn’t possible.


I canned, froze and made fruit leather out of peaches.



We picked blackberries by the gallon, and these two just ate sour ones! We actually got blackberry wine made by the UBrew place too! My stepdad got 2 batches of wine and one of port made. Thats a lot of berries! (30 bottles per batch and 30 lbs berries for wine, 45 for port)







Sometimes I was on bedrest after a procedure and we watched a lot of movies…




As well as my Husband having to pick up a lot of slack…The morning kitchen fairy strikes again!



My little boy, got his first big boy boo boo



And lost a toe nail after slamming a rowboat oar down on it.




All the while my belly got bigger…and bigger…




Will give you another round of pictures tomorrow 🙂


For Sister #4

When Mac was born, Sister #4 made him a quilt. This wasn’t your ordinary quilt, as it had sentimental value beyond belief.


You see, Sister #4 isn’t a biological sister, she’s a close family friend that I consider a sister. A while back (5, 6? years? I’ve lost track) her Mum died. This rocked our worlds, as Nairn meant so much to us. She was the rock, that was always there, that you didn’t know how good it was until it was gone.


My Mama made this quilt for Nairn when she was first diagnosed with Cancer. It was her “Comfort Quilt” to cuddle and think of our family when she was feeling down. I deeply treasure this photo.


Before she passed away, she bought fabric to make a quilt for a baby born to a family that worked for their ranch. She never got around to it and Sister #4…okay, okay, Sarah is her name! Found it and made a quilt for Mac.

(psssst, this is Nairns recipe for cookies!)


Mac has a super sensitive gag reflex and threw up a lot when he was little. Laying in bed especially, because when snot drips internally from his nose down into his mouth, it makes him gag up throw up. I didn’t want to give him the blanket and it get ruined, so it got packed away. The subject of it came up last night, as I call Mac my “buckeroo” because of what it says on the blanket. I pulled out the blanket and took some pictures of him cuddling with it in bed before bed.


He was SO excited that Sarah had made it for him and kept saying it was so cozy.


On the blanket it says “Hey there Lil’ Buckeroo, you can be a Cowboy too”. So without further ado, here is Macky enjoying the blanket you gave him, Sarah. He will treasure it more as he grows up and learns what a fantastic Mum you had, and grows to appreciate you more and more as an Aunty.


xo Kate

p.s. I’m cryin’ here, how about you?


‘smile’ Mac!

Playing peekaboo

“Kissing” the bear

Photo Dump

I wanted to share a few photos that don’t really do into any other post, so here is a post of just photos. Sorry if you wanted a recipe today!


Mac with his paternal Grandpa Mack and Baboushka. (He says Baba-goose-tah) They visited us for a day. We see them every 6 months or so, they live far away.



Poppa in the snow

Mac always says “Cheese” when you say smile

Little monkey ears

The second we bail, Mac jumps up to say cheese for Cowboy waiting with the camera

Hey! A picture of just me! How rare!

Cowboy and Mac

JD being silly. He had just flipped over in his wheelchair (which almost never happens, it happened at our wedding for the first time, after he’d been in a wheelchair a year already). After we got him up I realized I should have taken a picture! He just laughed and said he wouldn’t repeat it.


JD came to visit us on Tuesday, and is here until Saturday, he had to do a couple things in Victoria and thought he would visit and escape the snow of Northern BC for a few days. Little did he know we’d get snowed in here! (We can’t get out of our driveway) Mac is LOVING having JD here, and is always getting up onto his lap while he’s on the couch with books to be read to him.



Have a great day and give your family some extra love. The more you give the more you get!