Essential Oils

New to Essential Oils? An old hat looking for some new recipes? I think you’ll find all that here as well as some Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What company do you represent?

A: I am a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant. I believe in their quality, and am comfortable using them on everyone in my family, as well as taking internally.


Q: Ouch! doTERRA is expensive! Why?

A: This one got me to start off with as well. Then I realized the more I searched the more I couldn’t find the information and quality control reports I wanted on the cheaper companies. I find that a bottle lasts a long time so the price spread out over many many months (Or even years depending on how frequently you’re using) is not so much. I became an IPC so that I could reap the benefits of the wholesale prices and generous free product bonus’. Contact me with the form below if you want to know more about that!

Q: How do you use the oils?

A: Well, MANY MANY MANY ways! I’d have to say my favourite ways are using On Guard Blend in a hot drink, (try this Spiced London Fog.) Peppermint for headaches and Lavender for teething babies! Check out the links at the bottom for other recipes I use. Or Contact me with the form below if you have more questions about uses!

Q: Where do we buy these essential oils from?

A: There is a couple options for you! You can either go to my webstore with this link here, or send me a message through the Contact form down below! If you live close to me, I can always just tack it onto an order I’m making and deliver to you that way. The shipping is flat rate so it’s always nice to have it spread over many products instead of just one or two!

Q: If you were to buy just a few oils what would you get?

A:  I would ABSOLUTELY start with the Beginners Trio of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint which is available in 5 ml and 15 ml sets. After that, I’d add Meleluca (aka Tea Tree), On Guard and Ginger. I am in love with all of those! (Well, and many others…;) )


Here are some recipes with essential oils posted on my blog:

Immune Boosting Spiced London Fog

Spiced London Fog

Oinkment (Homemade ‘Polysporin’)

Antiseptic Ointment

Raw Chocolate


Lotion Bars


Spontaneous Rash on a Toddler



essential medicine cabinet


Nausea Cocktail



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