For Sister #4

When Mac was born, Sister #4 made him a quilt. This wasn’t your ordinary quilt, as it had sentimental value beyond belief.


You see, Sister #4 isn’t a biological sister, she’s a close family friend that I consider a sister. A while back (5, 6? years? I’ve lost track) her Mum died. This rocked our worlds, as Nairn meant so much to us. She was the rock, that was always there, that you didn’t know how good it was until it was gone.


My Mama made this quilt for Nairn when she was first diagnosed with Cancer. It was her “Comfort Quilt” to cuddle and think of our family when she was feeling down. I deeply treasure this photo.


Before she passed away, she bought fabric to make a quilt for a baby born to a family that worked for their ranch. She never got around to it and Sister #4…okay, okay, Sarah is her name! Found it and made a quilt for Mac.

(psssst, this is Nairns recipe for cookies!)


Mac has a super sensitive gag reflex and threw up a lot when he was little. Laying in bed especially, because when snot drips internally from his nose down into his mouth, it makes him gag up throw up. I didn’t want to give him the blanket and it get ruined, so it got packed away. The subject of it came up last night, as I call Mac my “buckeroo” because of what it says on the blanket. I pulled out the blanket and took some pictures of him cuddling with it in bed before bed.


He was SO excited that Sarah had made it for him and kept saying it was so cozy.


On the blanket it says “Hey there Lil’ Buckeroo, you can be a Cowboy too”. So without further ado, here is Macky enjoying the blanket you gave him, Sarah. He will treasure it more as he grows up and learns what a fantastic Mum you had, and grows to appreciate you more and more as an Aunty.


xo Kate

p.s. I’m cryin’ here, how about you?


‘smile’ Mac!

Playing peekaboo

“Kissing” the bear