Farm Fresh Friday/Our Essential Medicine Cabinet- Tick care for Dogs

farm fresh friday


Personally, we don’t have a dog, but both Marius and I grew up with multiple dogs underfoot all the time. We’ve decided not to get a dog until we own our own home. BUT! A couple weeks ago we had my stepdads dog, Rosoce, for a week while they were away. He’s a great chap, an 8 yr old yellow lab who’s super calm. He spent most of the time laying on a blanket in our mudroom.

One night while he was laying there, Marius noticed a tick on him! Yuck, so nasty. 

On a side note…When I was 15, my Dad and I went moose hunting in Alberta with friends. My Dad was gutting the moose and got bit by a tick. He was in University at the time and when he got home, He asked his professor about the bite as it was red and inflamed. His Prof told him he was excused from class and to please go to the hospital as that was not good. He was infected with limes disease but able to catch it and didn’t get anything worse than he has minor arthritis. Some people are blinded by it. 

Anywho, after Marius pulled it out, straight out, without twisting, and made sure the head was attached, I decided I needed to put some essential oils on it. Cause in this house? Somethings up? Oh, there’s an oil for that…

essential medicine cabinet


I knew Lavender would be anasgelsic and Meleluca (also known as Tea Tree Oil) would be a great disinfectant against bacteria. 



I started by taking 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil in my palm, then putting two drops of each oil in my hand, and stirring them around. Then I kinda cupped my hand and quickly put it overtop of the tick bite and rubbed it around. Roscoe has never had a problem with ticks before, but I decided that not on my watch would this be the time something happened!! 

If you notice a tick bite on animal, or human, getting red and swollen or infected please seek medical attention. 

I am a DoTERRA Independent Product Consultant and using the following link will earn me commissions. I use DoTERRA because I believe in their quality and I trust them 100% to use on my whole family. If you have any questions about essentials PLEASE ask me! I’m not in this just to sell them, I truly just want more people to discover how versatile, intuitive and simple to use they are. Please know the quality of your oils before using them. Find my webstore here. 

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Dog Treats

Everyone loves treats in our house…even the dog! We don’t personally have a dog but my Mom still has the small dog I had growing up, Cricket and my Stepdad has a yellow lab, Roscoe.

My Mom took this picture of Mac a few months ago, with Cricket. The mini box of cereal he’s eating is his ‘forest fairy’ treat. Everyday when we milk the cow, Mac looks for this treat which my Mom, the ‘forest fairy’ hides for him. It ranges from almonds to chocolate coins. The healthy outweigh the non, but he sure enjoys finding a dozen jelly beans! It all started when I had to milk on my own a bunch and I needed to keep Mac amused while I did. Mom started giving him a small treat and now he looks forward to it everyday.

This is Roscoe! He was my Sister #2’s dog, but she was living in the city, which is not the best place for a large dog, so my Stepdad ‘adopted’ him. Roscoe is very lucky because Doug is a carpenter and takes him to work with him everyday. Some places he can just hang out where Doug is and others he’s got to stay in the truck, but gets taken on a walk at lunch.

When I put the treats on a little tray to take a picture outside, Mac REALLY wanted me to put them on his table, where all winter I get the only natural light and have to take pictures. You probably are familiar with the tile by now.  He also wanted to help with the pictures!

The chickens and dogs are just over an inch big and the candy canes are 2 1/2 inches. I just used Mac’s playdoh cookie cutters for them.

Dog Treats

1 egg

1/3 c butter

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp beef boullion (I use Better than Boullion)

3/4 c hot water

3 c flour (Use whatever you have, but I used a mix of spelt, whole wheat, quinoa and buckwheat)


Mix all but water together, then add in flour. I used my Kitchenaid mixer but you could use a bowl with spoon or handmixer. Knead together a few times until it makes a good workable dough, thats not sticky. Add more flour if neccesary.  Roll out to 1/2″ thick, cut out with preferred cutters and put on cookie sheets. No need to space as they don’t rise or spread. Bake at 325F for 35-50 minutes, depending on the size. Animals were 35 minutes, candy canes were 45, but if you used bigger ones they would need longer. When they are done they will be hard to the touch.

Less than a Month

I’m getting married on June 18th. Today is May 19th. Can you sense a little panic?

Can’t say I’m panicing so much as just hoping it all pulls together. We’ve got the food, and beer/wine organized, so once we have the music done, that’s all we need, right? RIGHT?!

Oh and my dress is just about done. My Mom’s dress is getting remade for me! I’m very excited to be wearing my Mom’s dress.

I haven’t been blogging much. I spent Sept-April tied to the computer with school, I needed a bit of a detox. Here’s what we’ve been doing.

Hunting Morel Mushrooms…

Cowboy went to 2nd year Carpentry school…and passed with 78%! (73% theory, 85% practical) So proud of you! So he was able to come home from Victoria and spend time with our little scholar

Ummm…does he not look ALOT like Cowboy!?

We spent a lot of time outside in the nice weather…

Had a few sick days

Did our fair share of play doh playin’

And overall had a good time together! To all the single parents, or even those who are single parenting while the spouse is away, you have my 100% admiration. It is tough! I am so glad that Cowboy is back now. We’ve been fishing, playing outside, eating lots of yummy food as more starts to grow here, gardening and this weekend…

We’re going Bear Hunting!

See y’all later!

“H’yuk, h’yuk, That’s all folks!”

(Step-dad’s dog Roscoe)