Our Essential Medicine Cabinet Mini Series~Chocolate Flavourings

essential medicine cabinet

I thought it’d be fun to do some quick little posts briefly outlining what essential oils I grab for different situations. They won’t be long and drawn out, they’ll be from MY personal experience for what I use for ME and MY family. Please consult your own doctor, natural practitioner or midwife before trying yourself.

I posted the raw chocolate recipe a while ago. Did you see it? You didnt? WELL GET ON IT!


I told you WHAT oils I use as flavourings, but I never told you there were more than superficial! Essential Oils have a REASON. Every one of them has so many uses! And they make chocolate dang tasty.

Here’s the run down on why you want to use these three for your chocolate;

Wild Orange: Appetite suppressant (eat less, feel more satisfied!), considered to be a slight sedative meaning that it’ll relax you, a slight detoxer of glands and toxins (who doesn’t want that!), an Anti-depressant (Hello, I live on the WET COAST) and an Aphrodisiac. I’ll just leave you with that last one.

Favourite time for a couple squares of Wild Orange Chocolate?: Mid afternoon pick me up to hold you over for dinner.

Favourite Pairings?: Cashews! Or Mixed Nuts

Peppermint: Calms an upset stomach (Take a square for a road trip treat?), Appetite suppressant (feel full faster!), Gets rid of headaches, Perks you up.

Favourite time for a couple squares of Peppermint Chocolate?: Before a workout, before needing to power through and get some things done, on a long drive.

Favourite Pairings?: Espresso Beans, Dried Blueberries.

Lemon: Energy Booster, Helps a scratchy throat, Chase a way a bad mood, Appetite suppressant, improves circulation, detoxifier.

Favourite time for a couple squares of Lemon Chocolate?: Before dinner prep as a little treat? Mid afternoon pick me up.

Favourite Pairings?: Pistachios, Dried Cranberries.

You’ll notice they’re all appetite suppressants, this is because it’s GOOD and HEALTHY to eat a couple squares of chocolate, and if you can feel satisfied with less? Than that’s perfect!

Other oil ideas? Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger, Bergamot.

I am a DoTERRA Independent Product Consultant and using the following link will earn me commissions. I use DoTERRA because I believe in their quality and I trust them 100% to use on my whole family. If you have any questions about essentials PLEASE ask me! I’m not in this just to sell them, I truly just want more people to discover how versatile, intuitive and simple to use they are. Please know the quality of your oils before using them. Find my webstore here.