Our Essential Medicine Cabinet Mini Series~Chocolate Flavourings

essential medicine cabinet

I thought it’d be fun to do some quick little posts briefly outlining what essential oils I grab for different situations. They won’t be long and drawn out, they’ll be from MY personal experience for what I use for ME and MY family. Please consult your own doctor, natural practitioner or midwife before trying yourself.

I posted the raw chocolate recipe a while ago. Did you see it? You didnt? WELL GET ON IT!


I told you WHAT oils I use as flavourings, but I never told you there were more than superficial! Essential Oils have a REASON. Every one of them has so many uses! And they make chocolate dang tasty.

Here’s the run down on why you want to use these three for your chocolate;

Wild Orange: Appetite suppressant (eat less, feel more satisfied!), considered to be a slight sedative meaning that it’ll relax you, a slight detoxer of glands and toxins (who doesn’t want that!), an Anti-depressant (Hello, I live on the WET COAST) and an Aphrodisiac. I’ll just leave you with that last one.

Favourite time for a couple squares of Wild Orange Chocolate?: Mid afternoon pick me up to hold you over for dinner.

Favourite Pairings?: Cashews! Or Mixed Nuts

Peppermint: Calms an upset stomach (Take a square for a road trip treat?), Appetite suppressant (feel full faster!), Gets rid of headaches, Perks you up.

Favourite time for a couple squares of Peppermint Chocolate?: Before a workout, before needing to power through and get some things done, on a long drive.

Favourite Pairings?: Espresso Beans, Dried Blueberries.

Lemon: Energy Booster, Helps a scratchy throat, Chase a way a bad mood, Appetite suppressant, improves circulation, detoxifier.

Favourite time for a couple squares of Lemon Chocolate?: Before dinner prep as a little treat? Mid afternoon pick me up.

Favourite Pairings?: Pistachios, Dried Cranberries.

You’ll notice they’re all appetite suppressants, this is because it’s GOOD and HEALTHY to eat a couple squares of chocolate, and if you can feel satisfied with less? Than that’s perfect!

Other oil ideas? Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger, Bergamot.

I am a DoTERRA Independent Product Consultant and using the following link will earn me commissions. I use DoTERRA because I believe in their quality and I trust them 100% to use on my whole family. If you have any questions about essentials PLEASE ask me! I’m not in this just to sell them, I truly just want more people to discover how versatile, intuitive and simple to use they are. Please know the quality of your oils before using them. Find my webstore here. 








Raw Chocolate

I’ve been promising this recipe to friends for a while. I held a mini workshop and taught friends how to make this recipe as well as Lotion bars (recipe soon!). I told them I’d post it the next day. That was uhhh, cough, last Tuesday.


I’m a chocolate person. Mars bars used to tickle my fancy. Then I got picky, then I kinda just stopped buying chocolate because none of it was worth it. Finally I decided to come up with my own recipe! I looked a bit at others online, but none were what I was looking for.

This, however, is the jackpot!


Cacao= Superfood Antioxidant, Coconut oil= crazy healthy fat, Raw Honey= Allergy superfood.


I mean, it’s health food y’all.



Pictured here is Peppermint Espresso. It’s actually not my favourite, but by the time I got to taking pictures, my favourites had disappeared because some-bunny ate them all.


Where I live a good chocolate bar like green and blacks or coco camino is $4-$5. You can make 4X that for the same price with this recipe! Although there is no weird stabilizers so you need to keep it in the freezer. No biggy, the door makes a good shield so your children can’t see you sneak it.


The flavour combinations are endless! I’ve started experimenting with using essential oils (Make sure you’re using therapeutic grade that can be eaten!)

Wild Orange+Cashew



Dried Cranberry+Almond

Fresh Mint

Coconut+Dried Blueberries.


Experiment here!


Raw Chocolate

3/4 c extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil

1/2 c + 2 tbsp raw CACAO (Not cocoa please)

3 tbsp raw honey

16 drops essential oils of choice

Nuts/Seeds/Dried fruit/Whatevs


Put a bowl or measuring bowl that will hold all of this in the fridge

Melt all three together on low JUST until liquid. Whisk well. Add in Essential oils if using.

Pour into bowl in fridge and stir every 3-5 minutes until the mixture is thick. You need them to start solidifying so they suspend the honey instead of it sinking to the bottom. A thin batter is the texture that works best.

While that’s cooling prep your pan. Using parchment, butcher wrap, wax paper, saran wrap or tinfoil line your pan.

Three pan choices: Not adding bits and want a thick bar/adding small amount of bits= 9″x5″ loaf pan. Medium-large amount of bits= 9″x9″ pan.

When chocolate is ready, pour it into the pan. Freeze until solid. Take it out and cut it up, then put into a container and store in the freezer .

Sprinkle your ‘bits’ into the pan, judge it by how much you want per bite. I’m not a ‘fruit and nut’ chocolate bar person until this recipe. I LOVE lots of dried fruit and nuts!